Certificate of Asana and Anatomy


Yoga Teacher Training Information Evening - Friday 22nd May, 2015


This course is intended either for Yoga teachers who wish to upgrade their anatomical understanding of the postures, or alternatively, for those who, having taken the Certificate of Classical Yoga, with its philosophical and meditative focus, then decide they would like to be full yoga teachers and wish to take on the Asana & Anatomy component.

The Australian College of Classical Yoga will not certify Yoga teachers only on the basis of asana, or an ability to teach stretching and bending.

  • If you are already a yoga teacher, The Certificate of Asana and Anatomy course will allow you to make up a deficit in the anatomical training if it was lacking in your first training course.  If you have not been able to get professional recognition because of the lack of anatomy, this will certainly remedy that. However, if you wish to get full recognition with us as a Classical Yoga teacher, you would need also training in meditation and the philosophy of the Yoga Sutras.
  • If you have already completed the ACCY Certificate of Classical Yoga, this certificate, combined with the first one, will give you the equivalent of the full Diploma of Classical Yoga, which is our primary yoga teacher training, and which gives you access to membership of the Yoga Australia, Australia’s peak professional body and thus also to insurance.
  • In summary, this Certificate course is a program that completes the physical aspect of yoga teacher training.  To be a proper yoga teacher, training in the meditative aspects of yoga is also necessary.





You can only gain entry to this course if
a) you are already a yoga teacher OR
b) you have completed the Certificate of Classical Yoga and have also completed at least a year of asana classes twice a week, or equivalent prior experience.


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This is a twelve month (250+ hours) course.  There are two intakes per year, one in January and one in July.


$2 990