Clinical Issues in Teaching Meditation


This residential weekend workshop explores the issues involved in meditation as therapy.  Topics addressed include the question of what is therapy, in a meditation context; modern scientific understanding of meditation; what the science leaves out; varieties of meditation; mental health questions of who should meditate, and is there anybody who is best not to meditate; screening clients for mental disorders; what to do in case of mental health emergency; neurological research and keeping up with scientific studies. The weekend includes meditation practice and participation in teaching practice.

• What is meditation? Ancient and modern approaches
• What does “therapeutic” mean ? Who is a therapist?
• Who might/might not benefit from “meditation therapy”?
• Biological and mental states in meditation - measuring meditation
• Herbert Benson - stress response and relaxation response
• varieties of meditation
• cognitive factors in learning meditation
• therapeutic factors in teaching meditation
• mental disorders, screening clients, emergencies
• research – finding research ; understanding research reports
Who should come to this workshop?  Health professionals, meditation teachers, yoga teachers, meditators and anyone interested in the topic.





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