What is Satsang?

The Australian College of Classical Yoga invites you to come along to Satsang.  Satsang is a Sanskrit word meaning "coming together in the company of truth."  But what is a Satsang?  Satsang is gathering together to celebrate Yoga, and share in Yogic teachings and traditions – music and chants, Swami Shantananda shares some of her extensive knowledge and wisdom on authentic Yoga, and Darshan, a chance to personally greet Swami Shantananda.  We follow this up with a cuppa and cake, and a chance to chat and share with others.  

If you ever wondered what else Yoga had to offer (apart from the classes most people are familiar with), this is a great chance to find out.

Come along and join our community for an evening of chanting, spiritual wisdom and fun.



7.30-9.30 pm