Principal and Spiritual Director

Spiritual Director
BA (Melb), Grad Dip Marketing (CIT), Grad Dip Arts - Social Science- (Monash), Postgrad Dip Health Psychology (La Trobe.)

Mataji began practising Yoga when she was 16, starting by following the illustrations in a handout in the Women's Weekly, and thereafter finding a yoga class wherever she found herself living. It was not for another 17 years that she found that there was more to Yoga than stretching and bending. She has been practising the full discipline of Yoga, including daily meditation, for the last 20 years.She has almost completed "Path Through the Yoga Sutras", a commentary on the Yoga Sutras helping students to get the radical shift of experience pointed to by the Sutras, along with exercises to aid comprehension.


Teacher Trainer
Diploma of Classical Yoga from the Australian College of Classical Yoga, Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Technology), Graduate Diploma in Business Administration


Since 2001 when she obtained her Diploma of Classical Yoga from the Australian College of Classical Yoga, Sally has drawn on her classical and hatha yoga experience as well as her Medical Science background to offer balanced and varied classes that are not only suitable for beginners, but offer some dynamic work and stronger poses for those with more experience. Her experience as a yoga teacher and understanding of anatomy and physiology means that she is well able to tailor the practice to suit your individual needs. 
Sally’s ongoing mentoring from her teacher Swami Shantananda and the living lineage of spiritually-attained teachers means that she can also offer real transformative insights to assist you find the true freedom and bliss that yoga offers.
‘I aim to help you reach a state of physical wellbeing and inner freedom through yoga and meditation, so that you can be fit and healthy and the most authentic self you can be’ says Sally. 
Sally has also regularly attended other yoga trainings, workshops and retreats with renowned teachers such as Swami Shankarananda, Jessie Chapman, Simon Borg-Oliver, Donna Farhi and Judith Lasater. She is a past secretary of Yoga Australia (YA) and also teaches a major part of the Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma in Classical Yoga at ACCY. Sally has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Technlogy) and Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. She also runs retreats with Swami Shantananda and various workshops for yoga teachers. 
Her teacher Swami Shantananda has awarded Sally the title of 'Matharacharya' - meaning distinguished female teacher. In January 2013 she gave Sally the spiritual name Sarasvati.
Yoga Teacher
Diploma of Classical Yoga from the Australian College of Classical Yoga


Yoga has been a part of Muditā’s life for over 20 years. In 2004 she commenced classes at ACCY and in 2009 completed her Diploma of Classical Yoga. Now yoga is her way of life.
Muditā offers light hearted classes focusing on all aspects of yoga not just the asana or postures. They are suitable for all levels of experience -  Muditā is particularly passionate about assisting and developing students who have limitations. She has a sweet, loving disposition and her awareness and mindfulness ensures a nurturing, supportive and encouraging yogic experience.
She is constantly updating her skills and expanding her yoga teaching experience which includes restorative yoga, yoga for seniors, children, pregnancy, mums and bubs, Clinical Issues in Teaching Meditation and Core Yoga. In addition Muditā is currently completing a Diploma of Classical Meditation at ACCY and training to facilitate Self Enquiry groups.
While regularly teaching on Wednesday nights at the Australian College of Classical (and in other studios), Muditā is also the principal of "yoga to you" taking yoga into peoples homes, and working with those with mental health issues.
Muditā is actively involved in the ACCY community. She regularly attends Self Enquiry,and the monthly satsangs. In January 2013, she travelled to India, immersing herself in yogic life with other ACCY members and her guru Swami Shantananda. Her spiritual name was bestowed on her during this pilgrimage – it means, “Joyfulness”.
Yoga Teacher


Jo Odessa trained as a yoga teacher at the Australian College of Classical Yoga in 2000 and began teaching towards the end of that year. 
Prior to her yoga teacher training Jo had studied and practiced  Buddhist mediation over more than 30 years and had also taught meditation in her previous work as a counselor. 
Whilst Jo’s approach to teaching  is grounded in a meditative background and classical yoga  as a young woman she also studied gymnastics and ballet so she  links asana together in flowing sequences or vinyasa using the poses as moving meditation. Jo came to yoga in her late forties and has found it a life changing experience and as such brings a passion  to her teaching  whilst encouraging laughter and a lightness in the practice based in the belief that yoga meets us where we are at in all our human diversity. 
Darshani Sheryl Roach
Yoga Teacher
  • Diploma of Classical Yoga and Meditation
  • Graduate Diploma of Classical Yoga and Meditation
  • Facilitator of Self Enquiry Level 1
  • Diploma of Teaching
  • Graduate Diploma Educational Administration  

Darshani first came to yoga in her late 20's through a meditation class.  She thought she was turning up to a hatha yoga class.  At that time she had no idea that meditation was integral to yoga.  What a great discovery though!  She practised meditation and hatha yoga on and off over the years, drifting away when life/career became too busy.

In 1999 along with a major career change Darshani  (then Sheryl) began investigating and practising more deeply.  Authentic yoga is now a way of being for Darshani.  Her deep, disciplined and continuing practice under the guidance of  her guru Swami Shantananda, has brought great joy and vibrancy to her life.  Darshani is a brahmacari, awaiting sannyas to become a full-fledged swami.
Darshani encourages her students to develop a mindful, reflective approach to their yoga practice - intelligent yet playful yoga.  Each student is by supported by Darshani's expertise, the group energy and their own deepening awareness of body and mind as an expression of Self.
Darshani enjoys working with the energy and capabilities of people at various life stages; adolescent, mid life and seniors.  She also continues to work with young people in therapeutic mental health settings.
Darshani is a mentor to trainee yoga teachers.  Her career as educational consultant and school principal endows her with an insightful understanding of teaching and learning principles and curriculum design.