• Our next 6 week Learn Profound Meditation program will be online via Zoom. This course will start on Wednesday 9th of March, 2022 7.00 pm 

    The Australian College of Classical Yoga is, as the name implies, a school of traditional Yoga. Though many think Yoga is about exercise, traditionally the essential practice of Yoga is stillness of mind. You’ll get to know your mind more objectively and feel better about yourself and the people around you. Some call this “a healthy, non-stressed mind”, and it is… yet the capacity to see your mind as easily as you can see the hand in front of your face is different. A healthy mind comes from that ability, a different focus. Working at “having a non-stressed mind” sounds rather like a new source of stress!

    Learn Profound Meditation is a unique program developed by Mataji (Swami Shantananda).There is no philosophy, doctrine, or religion – only methods to quiet the mind and become aware of it objectively, to be of still-mind, or at least, disentanglement from thinking. Mataji has been teaching meditation for over 20 years -you can read Mataji’s Meditation  CV here

    If you practise in the way suggested over the six weeks, you will be able to meditate independently without aids or apps, or becoming reliant on a guide or teacher.

    What is meditation?
    Meditation is stillness of mind. Keeping the mind still for regular periods gradually brings about a fundamental change. By practicing stillness, eventually a curious thing happens - you begin to see the mind as an object, instead of seeing it as yourself. You see the things it does, and you realise that the awareness feels more like your real self than your thoughts and feelings. It is deeper and richer and more stable, and much more contented.

    If meditation is stillness of mind, what implications are there?
    In a state of stillness, there is no certainty, no taking control, no being right or wrong. In fact, there is no being anything - there's just being! The mind isn't used to that. Meditation then, is a practice in letting go of the activity and constructs of the mind, accepting and ultimately perceiving reality just as it is. We may find, to our surprise, that reality is more interesting and less threatening than our opinions about it, and that happiness is our natural state, not just an occasional mood. We find a little chuckle bubbling away inside ourselves, and realise that the state of stillness is a rich experience of contentment.
    Meditation is not just for the stressed mind! There is a common notion these days that meditation is an adjunct to the health professions. But high functioning minds benefit from meditation too, perhaps even more. The best question is not "Am I holding it together?", but rather "Is my life the best it can be?"
    Note: If you are under the care of a mental health professional, you must get his or her approval before enrolling in the program.

    Principal Teacher: Swami Shantananda

    Study Options: Online via Zoom only.

    Duration: This is a six week course starting Wednesday the 9th of March, 2022 at 7.00 pm 

    Cost: $250. Concession: $220

    Call 0417 121 157 or email [email protected] to book (or for further information) or use the "Book Now" button below.