• If you love everything about Yoga, then you are sure to find this workshop gives you a sense of being at home in its history. Without any Sanksrit at all, we are like outsiders looking in. The ancient Yogis wrote in Sanskrit, talked in Sanskrit, thought in Sanskrit, and would have dreamed – in Sanskrit!

    In this workshop You will
    • see how the language works grammatically, with some real Sanskrit examples
    • learn about Devanāgari alphabet, and its transliteration into Romanised letters
    • learn about pronunciation (how do you currently say “āsana”?)
    • write your name in Devanāgari, and in its transliterated form
    • try your hand at translating a sutra or two, and get a sense of the original
    • glimpse how our English-speaking mindset is different precisely because of the way our language forces us to conceptualise.
    • get an idea of how the mindset affects translation
    • watch a little bit of a video of Shankaracharya and his companions speaking Sanskrit, in a movie recreation of his life. He, of course, was the hugely influential Yogi who revitalised yogic philosophy in the 7th century and directly affected the course of what we know and practise today.

    Teacher: Swami Shantananda

    Cost: $145