• Meditation Workshop with Swami Shantananda

    Join Swami Shantananda for a workshop on meditation - it's purpose, problems, and methodology. This day is for those who meditate, those who want to meditate, and those who teach meditation.

    This workshop will show you:
    The main ways meditation is practised.
    The traditional method of deep stillness reduces mental conditioning.
    The medical model uses meditation exercises as a health adjunct.
    Mindfulness develops a constant self-awareness through ordinary activity.
    Each of these major methods has astonishing benefits, and some issues to consider, too. You will find out how to practise, and teachers will get tips on helping their students to establish a practice.

    This is a rare chance to delve more deeply into meditation with Swami Shantananda. An adept of the traditional way, with over 35 years experience, Swami Shantananda is highly experienced in all issues of meditation. She teaches meditation and trains meditation teachers. She has qualifications in Health Psychology, and is endorsed by the national association for meditation teachers. All this experience is bound with a deep spirituality and an innate understanding of the mind and human spirit.

    Principal Teacher: Swami Shantananda

    Cost: $165

    Date: TBA