• What is living mindfully?

    What does it mean for my day to day life? Living mindfully teaches us methods to look at life differently – to be less reactive to emotions such as anxiety and stress and find a calmer and more satisfying path through our daily life.

    The mind, by its very nature, clings to old patterns that it finds comfortable. Because they are comfortable, the mind assumes that they are reality. By recognising the habitual patterns, we can see past the triggers and deal with the reality of the situation in a calm, more compassionate manner. This allows you to traverse life’s little difficulties with greater clarity and steadiness.

    Living mindfully is not therapy, nor is it promoting ‘feeling good’ by repressing emotions. It is exploring the triggers and patterns that repeat endlessly in our lives which, once noticed, can be eliminated. This leads to clarity, truth, and easefulness.

    In this workshop, Swami Shantananda discusses mindfulness and talks us through the first steps of recognising these patterns, and leads us through her unique Mindful Living process.

    Principal Teacher: Swami Shantananda

    Cost: $165