• Pranayama is the ancient science of yogic breath awareness. Learning simple breathing techniques sustains energy, relieves stress and calms the mind.

    In this workshop you will learn:
    The natural breath
    How NOT to breathe
    Stress and the breath
    Yoga practices to support breathing
    How to integrate breath into your yoga practice
    How breath changes with the thoughts
    Breathing practices for different goals

    By the end of this workshop you will have greater understanding of how the breath can affect the body's energy, emotions and peace of mind. You will also feel renewed and refreshed! 

    Next Beautiful Breath Breathing workshop is on Sunday 12th of September, 2021 from 1.00pm - 3pm  at 2/6 The Highway, Mount Waverley, VIC. 3149.

    Principal Teacher: Sarasvati Sally Dawson

    Fee: $85. Includes a copy of Sarasvati’s book, ‘Yoga off the mat, freedom in everyday life’ ($60 if you already have the book).
    Bookings required. EARLY BIRD special $75 if book before 25 August!
    Contact: Robert 0417 121 157 [email protected]
                  Sarasvati 0439 632 178 [email protected]
    Alternatively for bookings or further informationcontact ACCY.