• Mindful Self - The other side of meditation

    The Enquiry Process brings the wisdom of a long lineage of Yogic wisdom into the personal experience of relationship and feeling. It was developed by Swami Shankarananda as the Shiva Process. With his encouragement, Swami Shantananda brings it to ACCY as the Enquiry Process, threading elements of her training in cognitive psychology into the process.

    I can’t stand those sorts of groups, they are so judgmental and self-righteous
    There is no judgment or advice giving in these groups, and we do not see them as therapy groups. They are a practice of Yoga – being ok with what you are, how you are, when you are. But that’s pretty uncommon. Most of us are too busy trying to be what we’d like to be, or what we’d like others to think we are. It is recommended that you participate for several months or even for the long term, as short periods like a month really only touch the tip of the iceberg.

    What’s in it for me?
    Enquiry group work helps you find clarity and self-acceptance. With that, you are likely to handle your situations with greater kindness to others, too. It is a means to mindfulness, a way to be in harmony with yourself. The process is not there to judge you for your faults, nor find a way to fix them, and it doesn’t provide advice. You do, however, discover something of, and shape, your inner state within these groups.

    Self Enquiry runs on:
    Monday 7:00pm - 8.00pm
    Tuesday 11:30am - 12:30pm

    Principal Teacher: Swami Shantananda

    Study Options: Class

    Duration: Bookings are taken for a term (8 weeks). Classes are 1 hour.

    Cost: $165