• Profound Meditation Retreat
  • Reaching the consciousness that is deeper than thinking; the Being which is more stable than your personality

  • Finding the deeper state beneath thinking ... the sweet silence of profound meditation. Formal meditation times, and personal quietness throughout most of the day, which nevertheless includes some formal together time and mingling at meal times.

     The program includes twice daily still-mind meditation times – an hour at dawn and twilight.

     There will be time just to yourself... so good for pondering and getting to know yourself. That can be walking, sitting, alone, or with others - but without talking!! It is surprising how bonding and communication happen at a deeper level without words.

     On the other hand, this is not a “brutal” sort of retreat… at all times, your choices are your own, and that is always respected.

     In a community meet-up twice a day, Mataji will give some tips and insights about meditation in life - that's a time to engage with others about meditation life, and to ask your questions if you have any

     You can book a chat with Mataji, too, if you wish. A little time with her sometimes can help you put things into perspective.

     As well as the formal program:

    • A complimentary yoga class will be available on Sunday and Monday
    • In silence, there will be ample free time to walk in the surrounding area. Axedale, near Bendigo, tends to be dry scrubland Australian bush, which has its own beauty.
    • Or book a massage -with  an Aligning Health masseur, at your own cost.

    At Aligning Health Centre, Axedale (near Bendigo): 2.00 pm Saturday 23rd of April to 4.00 pm Monday 25th of April 2022

    Fee $525. Places are limited - early booking is advised.
    For more information and booking call 0417 121 157 or email [email protected]



  • Why people come to this retreat
    Some want peace and quiet, in comfortable lodgings and open spaces to calm the mind.  Some want to explore the quietness within; some want the opportunity to ask some questions about their practice

    Never meditated before?
    Well, everyone starts somewhere.  Dive in!

    Not sure what sort of meditation this retreat will do?
    Well, principally stillness of mind. Why? Because consciousness is bigger than thinking, and it is very easy to plunge into it. How? Satsang ("the company of truth") allows time to talk about meditation (an oxymoron, perhaps?)

    I don’t want any spiritual teachings
    Ok…what about being ok with reality? That’s the highest spirituality. But as a poet (TS Eliot) once said “mankind cannot bear very much reality”. Supposing you decided to set your sights on reality? No doctrine or dogma involved.

    I want mindfulness rather than meditation?
    Mindfulness is meditation while active. We eat mindfully, walk mindfully. and we can practice mindfulness as a form of meditation all through the day.  The deepest mindfulness is awareness of cognition, and how thoughts are often mistaken for truth.

    I’m a meditation teacher, what’s in this meditation retreat for me?
    It’s great if you are a meditation teacher, in whatever approach you take.  In this retreat, try deep quietness.

    Practical Matters
    The retreat is fully catered, on vegetarian Ayurvedic principles. If you have a particular wish for some foods (chocolate?) bring your own comfort goodies.

    If you have a particular dietary requirement, let us know at least a fortnight before time so that it can be arranged.

    We might add some bread and spreads or other items to the catered fare….

    All rooms are reverse-cycle airconditioned, with ensuite. Most are twin share, though some rooms cater to different groupings. All linen and towels provided; bring your own towel if you have a preference. Bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste. And your own shampoo and soap if you have a preference, otherwise normal hotel provisions apply.

    Time, Fees and Booking

    April 23rd - 25th 2022 at Aligning Health Centre, in Axedale (near Bendigo)

    You can access your accommodation any time after 3.00 pm on Saturday, and we leave at 3.00 pm on Monday. The program starts at 5.00 pm Saturday (though people arrive as their working hours permit ) and finishes at 2.30 Monday

    $525; concession $500

    Early Bird $500 until 28th February

    email [email protected] or Ph 0417 121 157