Don't just do something - sit there!

A chance to sit for three hours in meditation.  The real discipline of Yoga lies not in body movements, but in learning to observe the mind and getting out of the habit of identifying with the things the mind fancies.  The route is through stillness meditation.  

Deep extended meditation can improve health and well-being, immunity, concentration and learning.  This extended meditation session allows you to delve into the stillness at the heart of the deepest spiritual state of the individual, and will promote a sense of wellness and self fulfilment.  You won't know how good it is unless you try it!

There will be short breaks to stretch the muscles - and it's okay to wriggle or adjust if you need to.
Note:  If you are under the care of a mental health provider, especially for psychotic illness, you must bring a note of approval from that person.


Blissouts for 2016:

Blissouts are at the 2/6 The Highway, Mount Waverley, Friday night from 7-10pm.  CPD points apply.

Friday 13th March, 2016

Friday 10th June, 2016

Friday 12th August, 2016

Friday 18th November, 2016