In a state of stillness, there is no talking; there is no certainty, no taking control, no being right or wrong.   In fact, there’s no being anything, there’s  just  being!  The mind doesn’t necessarily look forward to that.  It likes control and certainty.  It likes to be right.  But that brings about a lot of stress.

What is Meditation
Meditation is stillness of mind. Keeping the mind still for regular periods gradually brings about a fundamental change. By practicing stillness, eventually a curious thing happens - you begin to see the mind as an object, instead of seeing it as yourself. You see the things it does, and you realise that the awareness feels more like your real self than your thoughts and feelings. It is deeper and richer and more stable, and much more contented.
Learn to Meditate
In the 6 Steps to Stillness program there is no philosophy, doctrine, New Age concepts or religion - learning to quiet the chattering mind is the whole scope of the course.  The aim is to find your way into a thought-free state or, at least, a state of disentanglement from thinking.  You will be encouraged to establish a practice that you can continue independently, without the necessity of aids or props, or becoming reliant on a guide.
Self Enquiry
Gentle and supportive self-inquiry groups.  No therapy, no judgements, no confrontations.  Just a chance to notice how our thoughts and feelings affect our consciousness, and tuning into the deep core of self.
Meditation Classes
A weekly view of classes held at ACCY. Take a look and come along!