ACCY retreats provides you with an opportunity to immerse yourself in Classical Yoga. The quiet, idyllic surrounds we choose provide the perfect backdrop for developing your yoga practice, and self, through authentic yoga. Ma Sally leads twice daily Asana practice, offering a selection of poses that are challenging, while at the same time reminding us to honour our bodies and choose our own level of difficulty. Swami Shantananda leads still-mind meditation, as well as sharing her wisdom and learning in authentic Shaivite Yoga, guiding us in discovering Union through self investigation and exploration of the Sages.

5 days and 6 nights at beautiful Sanctuary Retreat.
Join us for a week’s retreat in yoga and meditation. Explore the ancient wisdom of Yoga, in an eco-rainforest setting looking out over the beach, with private accommodation, that takes you right into the forest amongst the sounds and activities of the Australian bush. There is a profound, heart-enriching difference between a retreat and a holiday, and you will feel the stirrings of an inner wisdom that you have somehow known all your life.
Join Swami Shantananda for 19 nights in Varanasi, Allahabad and Ganeshpuri, and soak in the Shakti of this timeless and spiritual area of India.
Mataji says: “It is said that one cannot visit India without being changed.  I think it is certainly true. In our Western way, we are not used to the colours, the scents, the customs, the relationships between people, that are ordinary in India.  We are not prepared for the poverty on the streets, and the acceptance of cows in our path, or even for the constancy of Indian cuisine - where at home it is only ever a treat. We are not used to the rich sweet chai, or the notions of modesty in dress and speech that is customary in India.  And because we have so foolishly abandoned our own spirituality, as a society, most of us are totally unprepared for a society where spirituality is accepted as normal, and you are actually expected to experience a deep spiritual sense yourself. The sounds of chanting in the air – that’s normal.  And the constant scent of incense, normal.  Businesses, cafes, people, named after gods, that’s normal.  And the deference with which we might get used to treating each other, that’s normal too – in India."