The Australian College of Classical Yoga offers a range of workshops throughout the year that explore the deeper possibilities of yoga, and may lead you to a more fulfilling, spiritual, and satisfying lifestyle. We also offer training and certification to enable you to teach this enriching style of yoga to others.  These workshops are aimed at developing the skills of yoga teachers, trainee teachers, and yoga enthusiasts, and endevour to deepen your knowledge of traditional yoga, yoga philosophy, asana and anatomy, and specific areas of yoga teaching.

ACCY workshops accrue YA CPD points.

Immersion Day
The One Day Retreat (Immersion) days are generally based around a theme, allowing for a focused sample of aspects of the ancient texts, on which Classical Yoga is based; and learn something of the other less common aspects of Yoga, such as dharana, or mind stretching exercises.  You will certainly learn the difference between an ordinary mental outlook and an enlightenment-orientated outlook.
Childrens Yoga Teacher Training
This workshop is designed to help Yoga teachers and trainees learn more about the unique aspects of delivering yoga programs to children, and manage working with children and their parents.
Seniors Yoga Teacher Training
Seniors have unique health challenges. Our job as yoga teachers is to give them access to an appropriate level of yoga to keep them as mobile as possible without adding strain, and to help them address these challenges in a fun and helpful way.
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
This workshop is suitable for yoga teachers and trainees who want to know more about teaching yoga to pregnant women than may be covered in your primary teacher training. We look at how to adapt poses for all stages of pregnancy and also some common discomforts of pregnancy and how poses may be adapted to suit.
Mother and Baby Yoga Teacher Training
This workshop is suitable for yoga teachers or trainee teachers who want to have the background information and toolkit of techniques to be able to teach safe and compelling mother and baby yoga classes. 
If you love everything about Yoga, then you are sure to find this workshop gives you a sense of being at home in its history.  Without any Sanksrit at all, we are like outsiders looking in.  The ancient Yogis wrote in Sanskrit, talked in Sanskrit, thought in Sanskrit, and would have dreamed – in Sanskrit!
Clinical Issues in Teaching Meditation
This residential weekend workshop explores the issues involved in meditation as therapy.  Topics addressed include the question of what is therapy, in a meditation context; modern scientific understanding of meditation; what the science leaves out; varieties of meditation; mental health questions of who should meditate, and is there anybody who is best not to meditate; screening clients for mental disorders; what to do in case of mental health emergency; neurological research and keeping up with scientific studies. The weekend includes meditation practice and participation in teaching practice.
Yogic Studies
If you have read the Sutras and not found yourself transfixed and then transformed… you haven’t studied them with Swami Shantananda.  
If you dislike Yoga-waffle and would like your yoga classes to have real information about the body, you’ll love Anatomy and Asana with Ma Sally.
The Yogic Studies weekend is a fabulous chance to dip into this nourishing experience in a relaxing Retreat environment.