Yogic Studies


The Yogic Studies Weekend Residential Workshop is fun, and challenging. A great revision for trainees and graduates, for teachers who want to brush up on their knowledge, or anyone interested in learning more about Yoga and asana than is normally offered in a 'holiday' retreat.


What is in this workshop for you?


Deep, extended meditation is the essential practice of non-dualist spirituality. The space that is at once the deepest spiritual state of the individual, and the space where individual functioning is optimised in many, many ways.
Anatomy and Asana

During the weekend, you will be guided through the muscular system and the physiology of movement, always in relation to Asana.
Each day commences with a 2 hour yoga class, where we start with a guided focus on the skeletal system during a practice of Shavasana.
Yoga Darshan

You will explore just how challenging the perspective of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras really is.
You will get an intensive insight into the radical point of the Sutras, and how the reasoning and progression of the Sutras supports the understanding to be gained.

In addition to the workshop  program You will also enjoy:

·        Quiet time to yourself for walking or relaxing

·        Food that’s yummy, healthy and harmless to animals

·        Comfortable & clean accommodation

·        Tranquil rural setting

This Workshop/Retreat will be held at Eldon Park Retreat Centre at Tyabb on the Mornington Peninsula (about 1.5 hr from Melbourne)


Study Options: 



This Workshop will run from 6pm Friday evening until 3.30pm Sunday afternoon