Yoga for Beginners


Courses designed for beginners who are wondering just what this Yoga thing is all about!

So what is Yoga?  Can anyone do it?  Do I have to be a pretzel?  Where should I start?

The internet is awash with pictures of challenging Yoga postures, performed by athletic bodies who have years of practice behind them.  That's great - but it can be a bit daunting to the rest of us!  Beginner's classes are designed to take a wide range of bodies and experience into account. You will also get a taste of still mind meditation.  Meditation is learning to quiten the busy mind, and still the endless mental chatter we assume during our day.

You do not need to be a gymnast or a guru - these courses are well suited for those beginning their journey with Classical Yoga.

Introduction to Classical Yoga:

More than just a beginner's class, this mixes some of the physical practice with discussions on the whole context of Yoga.  We explore the Eight Limbs of Yoga, and look at the components of a Yoga class, as well as building up the asana (physical Yoga)at a gentle pace, building towards a full Yoga class.  You will:

  • Learn some basic Yoga poses.
  • Learn some benefits and safety precautions for common types of poses.
  • Learn some context to some basic philosophical tennets of Yoga
  • Put some of these tennets into practice on the mat, and explore how to carry them with you off the mat

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