• Introduction to Classical Yoga

  • Overview:

    An introductory course designed for beginners who are wondering just what this Yoga thing is all about!

    So what is Yoga? Can anyone do it? Do I have to be a pretzel? Where should I start?

    This eight week course, developed by Swami Shantananda, is an introduction to what Yoga is - not just another pleasant workout. You will learn about the Asana of Yoga, the major postures; as well as breathing and basic physiology, so you'll understand why you do the poses, as well as being shown how.

    Yoga is steeped in millenia of tradition. Why? Because it works. Swami Shantananda will introduce you to the background philosophy of Yoga. It is not a religion, but a doorway to understanding the Self, and you will discover the basic philosophies that have guided Yogis throughout the centuries.

    You will also get a taste of still mind meditation. Meditation is learning to quiten the busy mind, and still the endless mental chatter we assume during our day.

    You do not need to be a gymnast or a guru - this course is well suited for those beginning their journey with Classical Yoga, or those that want to go back to basics and explore more than just the asana.

    Next Introduction to Classical Yoga begins February, 2018.
    For bookings or further information, contact ACCY.

    An 8 week course. Each class is 1&1/2 hours.